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      Hunan province Qiyang glass products Co., Ltd. is the Hunan Qiyang County glass factory two, a new private enterprises in Qiyang glass limited company established restructuring. The company has nearly forty years of glass products production experience, strong technical force is the State Pharmaceutical Administration, the State Board of education teaching glass instrument fixed-point production enterprise. Since the establishment of the company, that the establishment of the modern enterprise system of "clear property rights, autonomous, self financing". Now has a staff of nearly 600 people, the annual output value of about 40000000 yuan. The company adhering to the "customer first, concept of the company to quality first, quality service, fair and win-win" total quality management, product quality and perfect. The company registered the "wide" plate glass and glass products more and more out of the country, are exported to Europe and Southeast Asia and other international markets. The technical personnel more than 200 people; the company 30000000 yuan in fixed assets, the new expansion into 20 square meters of glass tank furnace, a 13.5 square Mira tube furnace, a 8 square meters brown glass bottle pool furnace. The production process involves artificial blowing, mechanical compaction, bubble blowing, mechanical drawing, mechanical lighting technology five categories; products include experimental, laboratory, teaching apparatus, household glassware, wine bottle, lighting and pharmaceutical glass tubes, glass rod of nearly three hundred varieties of one thousand specifications, the company chairman and general manager, Ms. Wang Caifeng Mr. Zhang Taiping warmly welcome domestic and foreign guests came to negotiate cooperation.


Company management layer:


The chairman and manager of the sales department: Wang Caifeng (13517469430)

总 经 理:张太平(13907465365)

General manager: Zhang Taiping (13907465365)

副总经理 :徐石山 副总经理 :蒋鹏飞

Vice General Manager: Xu Shishan, Vice General Manager: Jiang Pengfei

财务部长 :谭爱华 生产部长 :范可夫

The Minister of finance minister Tan Aihua: Production: Van Markov

技术部长 :谢荣虎 供应部长 :张小平

Technology Minister: Xie Ronghu supply Minister: Zhang Xiaoping

人事部长 :桂水生 网站管理:张兴斌(13787650636)

Personnel manager: Gui aquatic site management: Zhang Xingbin (13787650636)


General manager: Zhang Taiping